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Big Sky's Insider, April Edition

What comes to mind when you hear the word "security"? If you're picturing a team of people that work in an office, the badges you wear around your neck, or the applications that protect your networks from intruders, you are partially correct - but these are just the visible elements that make up a much bigger organizational picture.

Big Sky is on a mission to help leaders view security as a series of processes.

Security is more than just a hot topic these days - it's a do-or-die, mission-critical function of any organization, of any size, in any industry. The different forms and the volume of risks are multiplying exponentially, and the resources available to mitigate and respond to these risks are unfortunately not growing at the same rate.

Leading an effective security program in today's risk environment may seem overwhelming and unmanageable - but it's not! Once you see your challenges in the context of processes, there are tried and true tactics for fixing them.

Read on to learn how:

checklist.gif Find The Waste In Your Security Process [Free Downloadable Checklist]
If you think the biggest problem with your security operations is that you need more money or manpower - think again. Learn where waste is hiding in your security processes and use this checklist to root it out and eliminate it.
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spedometer Improve Cycle Time
When your processes run faster, they use fewer resources. This video from the Process Consultant walks through seven questions to ask in order to maintain a quality output while reducing the time your process takes from start to finish.
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blog8.png And The Weakest Link Is...
When unlimited risk is matched with limited resources, you are forced to prioritize efforts to fighting the greatest threats. First step - figure out what the greatest threats actually are (hint- it might have something to do with the gaps in your security program). A Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) can help.
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photo-1442406964439-e46ab8eff7c4.jpg 5 Paradoxes of Continuous Improvement
Can "simplicity" be a key determinant of effective security? The factors that make process improvements successful in the long run can often seem counterintuitive. This GovExec article outlines five common intuitive reactions that can fail you, and gives suggestions for what to do instead.
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rubegoldberg.gif Remind Me Again How Security Is A Process?
Before you can improve your security operations, you have to train your brain to see the processes. A SIPOC chart helps you identify all of the critical elements of each of your security processes and is an important starting point for good decision-making during your improvement efforts. Use this infographic example to help you create your own.
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Free Consultation - Find The Weakest Link In Your Security Process

P.S. Still think that technology alone is the solution to all of our problems? Check out this TED talk about the superior power of augmented intelligence: The Rise of Human-Computer Cooperation.

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