April Resnick


Functional Expertise:
Insider Threat, Personnel Security, Process Improvement

Education & Certifications:
BA, Sociology, Indiana University Bloomington |MBA, University of Maryland

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

A meaningful client engagement…
I had the opportunity to lead a research project that examined the military's process for screening the tattoos of incoming recruits.  Our team visited recruiting and processing stations all across the country to learn about and map out the current state process.  Over the course of the project, we were able to identify many opportunities to improve the quality, cost, and timeliness of the process and provide actionable recommendations to DoD leadership.

My spirit animal is...
The mighty bumblebee is my spirit animal.  Just like a bee, I may appear to be small and fuzzy but am actually very industrious and can protect and defend my turf, if necessary.  As the bee provides a vital element of pollination to support the growth and sustainability of plants and flowers, I bring new ideas to clients and my internal teams to help them flourish.

In my free time I like to…
I love to cook and eat, take road trips, spend time with my family, read voraciously, walk around the city, and figure out what other people's spirit animals are.