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Big Sky's The Insider, July Edition

In this month’s Insider, we dive into the importance of data science. From examining whether you’re using the right metrics, to how to manage predictive analytics projects, we take a look at what you need to know when tackling the science behind data. 


You Got It All Wrong! 

That sinking feeling that you got it all wrong: Listen to it. Dan Jodarski shares why in his Big Sky blog post dubbed Why Your Security Analysis Metrics And KPIs Are Wrong — particularly if you’re managing security analytics metrics and key performance indicators [KPIs] for a federal agency. Learn tips on how to get back on track. 

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Killing (Consulting) Softly 

After many, many years of using the phrase “paradigm shift,” legacy consultants who work for the government are finally experiencing one. And it may not be pretty, says John Dillard in his Big Sky blog post on the 3 Trends Killing The Legacy Consulting Process At Agencies. The pending consulting process shakeup is being sped up because of the growing value placed on data science, the rapid pace of technology change, and the growing power of the millennial generation in organizations.   

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Paint By Numbers

The best data visualizations are exceptional not because of the quality of the data but because they tell a story based on the underlying analysis. Convincing internal stakeholders on the wisdom of tangible operational improvement is often just a case of getting people to hear the story your data analysis tells, according to Big Sky white paper Tips For Data Analysis That Drive Success.  

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Reading, Writing, and… Regularization?

The “Terminator” films envision a future where the machines take over. In truth, they may already have taken over when it comes to analyzing Big Data statistics—or “machine learning.” This Harvard Business Review article by Mike Yeomans outlines how machine learning is changing the way Google and an increasing number of other organizations manage data analysis. 

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Predicting the Future

Managing predictive analytics projects can be a lot like herding cats — intelligent, data-driven, jargon-speaking cats. Hence, in an article for Predictive Analytics World, Geert Verstraeten recommends that would-be managers properly define their project, arrange their data in a workable fashion, and build and validate their model. 

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