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Big Sky's Insider Newsletter, October Edition

In honor of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, we've collected some powerful (and practical!) resources to help you defend your organization against insider threat, whether you've already established a dedicated program or you're just starting to think about it. We agree with Ben Franklin on this one - an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Don't be caught off guard by an insider attack that could have been detected!

Start Here
How are you supposed to protect your most valuable assets from the people within your organization that have legitimate access to them? Read this comprehensive, step-by-step guide to learn how you can prevent, detect, and remediate insider threat risk by examining your processes and patching up the inevitable gaps.  

It Just Got Personal
We tend to gloss over headlines about insider threat when it doesn't directly affect us. When OPM announced that their databases were victim to two cybersecurity incidents, twenty-two million people had to confront the reality that their personal data had been breached. This article covers how it happened and how it might have been prevented.

Get Your Custom Insider Threat Readiness Score (For Free!)
Aren't you curious about the maturity of your insider threat program, compared to other organizations? Click through our assessment to receive a customized report with a maturity score, comparison against real-world benchmarks, and expert recommendations.

Need Help Making the Case for an Insider Threat Program?
Watch this presentation from Carnegie Mellon CERT Insider Threat Center - Dawn Capelli details actual cases of insider threat, including trade secret theft by a "trusted business partner", encrypted files stolen by former employees, virtual machines evading detection of data exfiltration, and more. Scary!

Ensure Cyber Threat is on Your Board's Radar
Your company's Board of Directors has the fiduciary responsibility to protect the organization's assets with exemplary information security and risk mitigation measures. Is your BoD doing everything it can and should be doing to prevent an insider cyber attack?

How to Combat the Insider Threat Through Process Improvement - Download Your Free Guide Now

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