book.jpgIf you’ve been following my regular posts and are intrigued by Microslices, or if you’ve read my book, then you’re probably interested in how technology, data science, and millennial culture is changing knowledge work. You might be an organization that sells professional services and you know that you need to revise your strategy. You might be a buyer of knowledge workers, and you want to understand how to make sure you’re adapting to the change.

To help you with this process, my team and I have put together a set of resources designed to answer some of your more specific questions. As you prepare for the world of Microslices, one of the most valuable resources is our Essential Reading List.

Included in the list are well-known authors such as Clayton Christensen, Nassim Taleb, and Peter Thiel. Oh, and don’t forget John Dillard.

This list of ten must-read articles, reports, and books will help you take a closer look at some of the topics we’ve discussed throughout the past several weeks. These topics cover a wide range and address subjects including effective negotiation, building startups, disruptive technology, and millennial behavior. Along with each title, we’ve provided links to read or purchase each item on the list.

For those you who are seriously considering a shift to Microslices (and hopefully that’s just about all of you!), this list is a great starting point to expand your knowledge base and arm yourself for what’s to come. To access this top-notch list and other useful resources, just click here.

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