Big Sky Associates Announces Bill Fischer as Director and Majority Owner

By April Resnick

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Big Sky Associates is pleased to announce the appointment of Bill Fischer as Director and majority owner of Big Sky Associates. Bill Fischer is a Management Consulting Executive with 20 years’ experience partnering with CXO leadership teams on continuous process improvement, organizational change, and technology initiatives. An effective big-picture thinker whose vision inspires the right mix of people, business and technology direction to design new ways of approaching and operating service focused organizations, Bill brings a proven track record in inspiring stakeholders to see the art of the possible and become integral to strategic change initiatives.

Before joining Big Sky Associates, Bill co-founded Growth Matters, a strategy consultancy, in 2014 and was most recently the Vice President for Strategy, Learning and Human Capital for Serco North America. Prior to Serco, Bill was a Senior Principal and Human Capital and Learning Solutions Program Manager for SRA International and Principal Consultant at Touchstone Consulting Group.

Bill holds a Master of Arts Degree in Communications, Culture and Technology from Georgetown University and a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Political Science from the University of California, Los Angeles. He is a Certified Human Capital Strategist from the Human Capital Institute and has completed advanced training in Human Centered Design from the Luma Institute.

Bill lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and four young kids.  When he’s not spending quality time with the Fam and parent Uber-ing his kids to different activities, he can be found enjoying live music at the Anthem in DC, adding to his ever expansive vinyl collection at the local record store (yes, those still exist!), catching up on sports and pop culture, surfing and generally living the suburban dream on weekends (if he’s lucky, he may even make it to Bed, Bath and Beyond).