How We Created a Security Clearance Processing Center of Excellence

By Greg Cullison


The security clearance process can be daunting to behold. It involves positions of sensitivity and must be treated with due care. Historically, the clearance process at the Army was lengthy and error prone, consuming hundreds of millions of dollars in lost productivity every year and degrading readiness levels. Then Big Sky showed up on the scene...

Through our process improvement efforts our team was able to dramatically reduce errors and processing time in Personnel Security Investigations (PSI) at the U.S. Army without decreasing quality.  

The Army Investigative Enterprise Solution (AIES) is a system still in use today that grew out of a pilot program to streamline operations. Many innovative steps leveraged technology to achieve results, bringing what was often a paper-based and manual process into the 21st Century. When combined with more efficient operations, we achieved remarkable results. Key features included:

  • Web forms
  • Workflow tools
  • Compressed deadlines
  • Streamlined and standardized quality review
  • Electronic fingerprints and attachments
  • Digital direct submission of investigative requests

When these improvements were initiated, the Army estimated a 70% reduction in cycle time for security clearance processing. With further innovations like these, the security clearance process can be made to be both efficient and effective.  

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