#CyberAware Month: Cyber Security Professionals

By April Resnick


Who’s responsible for your organization's security? With cyber threats on the rise, you must consider if your employees are properly trained to secure your organization. This goes hand in hand with assessing the effectiveness of your cyber security program as a whole. 

The goal of reviewing your program is to determine if a secure enterprise network exists within your business environment, and that it is aligned with insider threat mitigation efforts. It may be necessary to perform a gap analysis of your security framework that results in a roadmap for enhancements.

We're here to help as you examine your organization's protective stance. We’ve identified a few resources from our experts here at Big Sky and other techies from around the planet that can guide you as you dig deeper:

Rise of the 'accidental' cybersecurity professional

Breach Defense Playbook: Reviewing Your Cybersecurity Program

Cyber Security: To the Network and Beyond

The Accidental Insider, Mitigating Unintentional Data Leaks

Is Cybersecurity Training the Most Important Resolution to Make in 2016?

#DidYouKnow -- October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Keeping the #internet safe and secure is our shared responsibility. You can make a difference this #CyberAware Month:

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