Deep Dive: Developing An Insider Threat Program

By Greg Cullison

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How confident do you feel about your company's ability to fight insider threat? Are your employees human beings who make mistakes? If so, you must consider putting in place a comprehensive insider threat program -- whether you're required to do so or not. How, you ask? Read on to learn how our insider threat experts got results for a global management consulting firm.

Here’s a quick overview:

  • Our client was required by federal regulations (Defense Security Services' NISPOM Change 2) to stand up an insider threat program, but uncertain about how to comply.
  • Their first priority was to establish a program consistent with regulatory requirements to mitigate the risk of insider threat -- but they also wanted a program tailored to their specific needs.
  • Big Sky experts assessed the challenge, reviewed the background information and provided the client with a compliance dashboard and tactical roadmap to achieve a compliant and robust program.

By addressing the firm’s specific needs and building a program around the regulatory requirements, our client was 100% compliant upon inspection.

Click here to read a more detailed case study about how we got results.

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