Don't Rush the Process: Revisiting Strategic Objectives

By Dan Jodarski


You’ve just taken on a significant improvement project with the goal of seeking elite performance in your CI office, and are currently undergoing the project management pieces. As you move beyond the tools of dashboarding and monitoring, it’s important to ensure there is continuous reevaluation and improvement. This requires thinking through the important question of “how well do your CI office's strategic objectives align with your improvement project's goals?"

The clutter has been cut and the priorities identified -- in this step in the process, you should be revisiting organizational strategic objectives outlined in your operations plan and dialoguing with your agency's leadership.  An effective way to tackle this step is to facilitate periodic and focused sessions with key CI Office personnel.

Conducting a review of organizational objectives will ensure the process is running simultaneously to and in support of the improvement efforts found in the earlier stages of the project (Rapid Alignment and Project-based process improvement). It's important to remember that while projects and enhancements help your organization become more effective at delivering value, it’s a culture of continuous improvement that delivers the best long-standing results. This means it’s okay to pause and revisit your strategic objectives. This can be a helpful method to streamline the project management process and stay in-tune with the desired results for your organization.  With process improvement efforts, no matter the size or complexity, it’s imperative to not be in such a hurry to carry out your process improvements that you forget to occasionally take a step back and look at the larger strategic picture.

With performance optimization, your organization should have everything you need to tackle your priorities successfully – so don't rush the process. Your CI office will ultimately achieve the goals that will drive your strategic vision and reach objectives. 

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