Hello October! National Cyber Security Awareness Month

By LaShawn Douglas

NCSAM Champion LG (1).jpg

We are welcoming October with the celebration of National Cyber Security Awareness Month! This month, we along with other champions, will help promote online safety awareness and push education initiatives.  #NCSAMChampion

As we begin to think think about cyber security, protecting your organization’s infrastructure comes to mind.

Cyber risks don’t respect the functional boundaries of an organization. From a cyber POV, what one side of the enterprise does impacts the cyber risk levels of the entire business. A breach in the organization’s systems or at a field office can lead to a immense compromise of the entire network and possibly all the organization’s data.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Consider ways to reduce insider threat (InT). Check out our previous blogs on InT:

Replace and modernize your costly information technology legacy systems and update your outdated processes:

Check out the #CyberAware Month events page to find one near you:

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