Microslicing at Hewlett-Packard: Augmenting the Human Consultant

By John Dillard

Running a $112 Billion business is hard. Really hard. So hard, you sometimes need help from outsiders, and with good reason. HP uses outside advisors all the time, but in one case, they decided to do something a little different: they used an organizational intelligence SaaS platform to augment their consulting services. Specifically, they used a tool called 9Lenses to attach a capacity constraint problem that was directly affecting financial performance.


According to a case study developed by Corporate Executive Board (CEB), 9Lenses helped HP expedite their data collection process and rapidly identify specific capacity constraints for correction. Sure, they could have done things the old-fashioned way and interviewed team members or collected detailed work logs to track and manage workloads, but those would have taken weeks or months to complete - not ideal for an operation that costs millions every day. HP has used 9Lenses in this scenario and others instead of spending more on human consultants. If that isn’t Microslicing, I don’t know what is.

While it sounds like a potential category killer, 9Lenses doesn’t want to replace consulting firms -- it wants to partner with them to blaze a new trail for how advice is delivered. I think they’re ahead of the curve, and their partners and customers will reap the rewards.

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