No Stakeholder Left Behind: How To Get Your Team On Board With Change

By Sarah Walker


Leading a change initiative is hard work, even for the most seasoned leaders. Starting with the right leadership approach is critical to position your security team for lasting success - but attitude is not everything. The good news is, you don’t have to start from scratch. There are many tactics and tools that can be customized for your organization’s needs.

One of the key elements of successful organizational transformation is getting employees on board with the idea of change and engaged in implementing it. Employee buy-in is critical. Even if the change is something that will be helpful for everyone involved, there are always going to be employees who are reluctant to do things differently.

Leveraging tried and true tactics to involve employees can make a big difference in the implementation of a new process. Big Sky’s security operations experts have compiled some helpful tips to get hesitant employees on board with change. These tips are useful for a wide range of efforts that you may be undertaking as a security executive - from designing an Insider Threat Training program to trying to save your organization money by using the Pareto Principle.

Understand the Current State: Draft a Value Stream Map

Get input from a diverse group of employees to get to ground truth about how the processes actually work. Use data to understand how long each step takes and the typical wait time between steps.

Keep Your Team Focused

Set expectations about which topics the group will focus on in your meeting. When the discussion starts to veer off-course, don’t lose those good ideas, park them! Use a blank flipchart page as a parking lot - a place to record all off-topic ideas that you can return to later on.

Help Your Team Help Each Other with Pair and Share

Pair up employees who are hesitant about change with those who are champions for improvement efforts. Have them share concerns, ideas and discuss solutions.

Engage the Team in a Tollgate Session

Team members present solutions to leadership at the end of each project milestone. Prevent the team from moving to the next task before they complete the first one -- employees know their solutions are heard and can receive instant feedback from decision makers

Involve team members in training and launch

Invite members of your planning team to help facilitate training sessions for all employees.Team members get to lead implementation of their new plan.


Encourage employees who were resistant to change to tell the story of the process improvements. Post the storyboard in a common area or send it out companywide to give all team members credit.

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