What Does the Personnel Security Process Entail?

By LaShawn Douglas

The concept of processing personnel security clearance requests is pretty straightforward. A prospective employee will require access to sensitive information, so the Government initiates an investigation to determine whether to grant access. The process happens in three steps:

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Obsessive Attention to Detail: Not Just for Superbowl Winners

By Bill Fischer

Good morning sports fans! Perhaps like many of you, I suffered through the slog of a football game that was the Super Bowl this past Sunday (and with apologies to Maroon 5 fans, don’t get me started on the halftime show!).

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Guest Blog Post: What Did We Learn about Cybersecurity in 2018?

By Maddie Davis

To make progress in the fight against cyber attacks going forward, we must acknowledge our past. As we move into 2019, we’re looking back at a few of the leading cybersecurity trends from the past year. 

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Big Sky Associates Announces Bill Fischer as Director and Majority Owner

By April Resnick

Big Sky Associates is pleased to announce the appointment of Bill Fischer as Director and majority owner of Big Sky Associates. Bill Fischer is a Management Consulting Executive with 20 years’ experience partnering with CXO leadership teams on continuous process improvement, organizational change, and technology initiatives. An effective big-picture thinker whose vision inspires the right mix of people, business and technology direction to design new ways of approaching and operating service focused organizations, Bill brings a proven track record in inspiring stakeholders to see the art of the possible and become integral to strategic change initiatives.

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