Spoiler Alert - Here's Why You Need a HUBZone Partner

By Dan Jodarski


In the movies, it's pretty clear that Bruce Wayne is Batman. However, all aha moments are not so obvious---understanding the advantages of partnering with a HUBZone firm may not be so clear. You’ve heard of HUBZone, but you are not sure why and how it can benefit your business. For prime contractors, there are some important benefits to partnering with a HUBZone firm. Let’s talk about three advantages. Consider this your spoiler alert! 

What's In It For You?

  • Eligibility for HUBZone Dollars
  • Preferential Consideration
  • Agencies are Seeking HUBZone-Certified Teams

Eligibility for HUBZone Dollars: Looking for ways to increase flow of federal dollars to your firm? Engage with a HUBZone firm to become eligible to win the dollars set aside for the HUBZone program, opening up new avenues of business.

Today, the federal government aims to spend 3% of all federal prime contracting expenditures with small businesses that have HUBZone status.

Preferential Consideration: Enjoy the preferential considerations designated to HUBZone providers as well. For example, as long as a HUBZone team’s offer is no more than 10% higher than the offers of non-HUBZone competition, the HUBZone team’s offer will be considered lower.

Agencies are Seeking HUBZone-Certified Teams: Federal agencies are actively seeking HUBZone-certified teams. Many agencies are not meeting their goals for HUBZone spending, and HUBZone status makes their buying decisions easier. Numerous HUBZone firms have lost their certification as a result of updated eligibility maps over the last few years, so many procurers are scrambling to find new certified teams.

How We Work with Prime Partners

Big Sky is a HUBZone small business with deep experience working alongside prime contractors such as CSC, SRA, Serco and TASC, providing operations improvement expertise in insider threat, suitability, and security. And as an SBA-certified HUBZone firm, we help our partners save time and money – and win contracts with HUBZone specifications.

As a HUBZone certified vendor, Big Sky Associates has rich insight into this process and advantages for all stakeholders. If you’re searching for a HUBZone certified service provider, we’d be happy to hear from you.

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