How to Build a Kickass Operations Plan in 5 Easy Steps (And Why You Need One)

By April Resnick

Strategic planning: we've all done it, and we all know why it's important to outline your organization's strategy and establish a stable long-term vision. But the same teams who insist on strategic plans often miss the memo about operations plans.

What is an operations plan?

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3 Tips for Getting Your Process Map Right 

By John Dillard


You already know that process mapping increases the effectiveness of your organization, boosting employee efficiency and delivering other hidden benefits beyond its graphic appeal. But only if you do it right!

We've collected some expert tips to help you take your process mapping efforts to the next level:

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Fixing the Process in Your Security Challenges

By Greg Cullison

Security is more than just a hot topic these days - it's a do-or-die, mission-critical function of any organization, of any size, in any industry. Leading an effective security program in today's risk environment can seem overwhelming and unmanageable, but once you see your challenges in the context of processes, there are tried and true tactics for fixing them.

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Don't Rush the Process: Revisiting Strategic Objectives

By Dan Jodarski

You’ve just taken on a significant improvement project with the goal of seeking elite performance in your CI office, and are currently undergoing the project management pieces. As you move beyond the tools of dashboarding and monitoring, it’s important to ensure there is continuous reevaluation and improvement. This requires thinking through the important question of “how well do your CI office's strategic objectives align with your improvement project's goals?"

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Deep Dive into Process Improvement in the IC

By LaShawn Douglas

Let’s did a little deeper into achieving your intel office’s full potential. For each improvement project, its useful for a Counterintelligence (CI) Office to envision a clear picture of the current state, as well as the near and long-term aspirations.  CI teams must capture baseline data about organizational processes using proven tools. These tools should be used as an early part of the performance optimization process and can include: value stream mapping, root cause analysis, and expert interviews. 

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