So Many Projects, So Little Time: 5 Tips for Choosing Wisely

By Greg Cullison

Choosing which internal projects to focus efforts on may not seem like the most critical challenge in your organization, but getting it right can be a make-or-break opportunity.

How do you ensure that your next project supports your broader goals and pushes your organization forward? How do you prioritize your efforts to achieve the greatest impact?

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Don't Rush the Process: Revisiting Strategic Objectives

By Dan Jodarski

You’ve just taken on a significant improvement project with the goal of seeking elite performance in your CI office, and are currently undergoing the project management pieces. As you move beyond the tools of dashboarding and monitoring, it’s important to ensure there is continuous reevaluation and improvement. This requires thinking through the important question of “how well do your CI office's strategic objectives align with your improvement project's goals?"

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Ready, Set, Go: Project Execution 101

By Dan Jodarski

Your deployment direction has been set, your prioritized projects have been selected and your resources have been allocated: now it’s time to finally implement your process improvement projects. While we’ve already covered the project execution stage of process improvement extensively – both the basics and the more advanced techniques – there are a few high-level principles worth mentioning.

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Successful Project Management = Successful Expectation Management

By April Resnick

When working with a new client, targets and end goals can often be less precise than we’d like. Sure, there are concrete measures involved such as budgets, deadlines, and various other requirements; but there are also more amorphous, intangible concepts floating around that shape client expectations. At the end of the day, project performance will be evaluated on whether or not the end result matches up with what the client was expecting.

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Best Practices for Cross Functional Working Groups

By Sarah Walker

A cross-functional team is a working group that involves individuals from different departments or different branches of a company. They may have different levels of authority and oversee different functional areas, but have come together to achieve a common goal. In order for teams like this to operate effectively, communication and transparency must be emphasized.

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