Major Pitfalls That Will Sink Your Personnel Security Program

By LaShawn Douglas

Before your organization makes a mistake that is too costly to recover from – it’s important to identify and avoid those common pitfalls. Our experts have gathered the following resources to help you recognize and avoid the simple mistakes your company could be making that result in an increased insider threat risk.

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If You’ve Got 99 Problems (Then Prioritizing Is One of Them)

By April Resnick


While the visualize phase establishes a common understanding of problems and potential solutions, the prioritize phase ensures that resources are channeled into the areas that most influence your bottom line.

Click here to read the first blog in this series: How to Visualize Your Process

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8 Common Mistakes that Open the Door to Insider Threat Risk [PART 2]

By Sarah Walker

Most organizations understand the importance of protecting their assets and sensitive information from potential insider threats and are prioritizing efforts to build up robust security programs. Even though security is becoming a higher organizational priority, there are still many common mistakes that many fall victim to, particularly around insider threat risk.

In a recent interview with RANE (Risk Assistance Network + Exchange), Big Sky COO Greg Cullison gave his expert take on the top insider threat mistakes firms make and what you can do to avoid them.

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How Do You Triage Your High Risk / High Value Employees?

By Greg Cullison

It’s a double-edged sword: keeping the high-flyers and VIP’s onboard requires some trade-offs. But what if they are both extremely valuable and very risky to your operations?

If you think of risk as the probability of something bad happening, then you are most likely to land on your information assets as your area of greatest risk. Then you’ll be asking yourself: what’s the chance of misuse or damage from a well-placed insider?  

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DSS In Transition. Wants to Move to a Threat-Based Security Model

By Greg Cullison

Details are emerging, but DSS leadership has begun speaking in public about its desire to reform from within. Taken collectively, the new approach is quite radical for an agency that deploys legions of industrial security reps to enforce security-by-checklist.

Let’s peer through the magnifying glass to see where DSS is moving.

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