Who’s Your Project Champion?

By April Resnick

project champion.jpg

You realize it’s time for a process improvement, and know your organization can benefit from a process optimization plan – how do you make the pitch to your stakeholders? Who is your internal project champion?

The most effective project champions understand the landscape of personalities and processes on a granular level and can navigate the culture within an organization. One of the biggest stumbling blocks you’re likely to encounter is doubt, skepticism, and downright antagonism from the naysayers in your organization.

Although champions are not typically the decision makers in the organization, they will help fight the battle with you. We love the takeaways from this article from HBR about how a champion in your organization can be the risk taker you need to get your project moving.

Once you've onboarded your champion, you want to make sure your project management plan is in place. There are many keys to achieving success in project management and maintenance - in fact, we've published an entire guide on the nuts and bolts of this topic.

Security improvement efforts can fail if the environment is not set up for success. To prevent this occurrence (and to save the cost of repeating the entire project months or years down the road), executives should focus on three key areas: communication, metrics, and culture.

To help pinpoint which problems are the most pressing, you should use a prioritization framework. Walking through this process while keeping the three focus areas in mind can help you navigate a plan with your stakeholders and determine a list of prioritized efforts.

Our free guide shows you how to establish clear goals, achieve them efficiently, and move your organization forward. Select the download now button below for access to tools that should make it easier to accomplish these steps along the way. 

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