Are You Compliant with NISPOM Conforming Change 2? [SNAPSHOT ASSESSMENT]

1455233973_crest.pngNISPOM Conforming Change 2 requires all companies that employ cleared contractors to have an Insider Threat program in place that adheres to certain standards.

This 7-question snapshot assessment is designed provide a high level summary of your organization's compliance with the Insider Threat Minimum Standards for Contractors issued in NISPOM Conforming Change 2. The assessment is not intended to serve as a comprehensive compliance analysis.

After completing the assessment, we will email you a customized report with:

  • An overview of your organization's compliance status

  • Expert guidance about how to address any gaps

  • Additional details about maintaining compliance

*Privacy and Data Protection Policy: Big Sky Associates will not share, distribute, reuse or otherwise disclose any information you provide either in this form or in the assessment.We are an insider threat firm serving the federal government. Big Sky is a DoD Government Contractor, with employees that maintain government issued clearances up to the Top Secret level. Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code 4AE58.