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Big Sky's Insider, May Edition

This month, the buzz has been all about NISPOM Conforming Change 2, just released on May 18. The policy update mandates that all companies employing cleared contractors establish an Insider Threat program that meets the same standards as federal agencies. The change notice alone is 90 pages long, and the clock has already started ticking on 180 days to get into compliance -- give us a shout if we can help you cut through the clutter!

The bottom line: formally addressing Insider Threat is no longer optional - even in the private sector. 

The government knows that your vulnerabilities become their vulnerabilities as soon as your employees are granted access to classified information. Luckily, with the right measures in place, these risks can be significantly mitigated. We've developed and curated this month's round up of resources to get you up to speed on Insider Threat.

photo-1444682717031-a2498d603d5b.jpg Conforming Change 2: What Is It, and How Does It Affect You?
NISPOM Conforming Change 2 has finally been released -- make sure you are well-informed, so your organization is ready for compliance.
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roadandsky.jpg Is Your Company Ready for Conforming Change 2 Compliance (and Beyond)?
Your current Insider Threat program (if you have one at all) may need several immediate updates. Get the details on NISPOM Conforming Change 2 here.
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eyes.gif 5 Devious Instances of Insider Threat in the Cloud
Given the vast amount of data required by most businesses today, cloud storage is nearly ubiquitous - but the price of convenience can open the door to a major breach, if not properly managed. Check out these "types" of rogue insiders and consider if your company might fall prey to any of them.
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process-improvement-myths-to-be-busted.jpg.jpg Are You a Cyberthreat to Your Organization? [QUIZ]
You're not disgruntled, nor do you actively want to cause harm to your organization - but could you still be an Insider Threat risk? Take this quiz from Harvard Business Review to see if you pose a threat to your organization.
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ITA18FXIBL.jpg Insider Threats to Financial Institutions: Set Up Protection You Can Bank On
When it comes to protecting assets, cash in the vault is no longer your only concern. This blog post covers the threats faced by financial institutions and what you can do to mitigate risk.
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Whether your organization is affected by federal Insider Threat regulations or not, the time is right to tighten your security operations. Streamlining processes is an extremely effective way to cut down on potential Insider (and other) Threats and free up wasted resources. To get the full inside scoop, download our free guide:

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P.S. Becoming an unintentional insider threat is much easier than you think! This engaging TED talk explains exactly what not to click on at work: Everyday cybercrime -- and what you can do about it.

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