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Big Sky's Insider, June Edition

Summer has finally arrived! We hope you'll be spending the next few months at backyard barbecues, baseball games, and if you're lucky, a dip in the closest body of water. While we wholeheartedly endorse all manners of relaxation in your free time, beware of taking a similar laid-back approach to protecting your business from harm at the hands of insiders -- who are hoping that their actions go unnoticed while everyone's away on vacation.

NISPOM Conforming Change 2 has brought a lot of attention to the issues of data breach, insider threat, and information security in the workplace. But these concepts aren't just for government agencies and those who contract with them; they are vitally important for all companies. Check out the links below for some productive beach reading!

e373a2e1ed594ab710814c0293fa97ce-looks-like-someones-got-a-case-of-the-mondays.gif What the $*%# is PC Load Letter? Lessons from Office Space about Insider Threat
Struggling to understand what purpose insider threat awareness may serve in your organization? Our analysis of this hilarious cult classic movie shows that it may be easier to identify an insider threat than you think.
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report.jpg As More Health Records Go Digital, Paper Still At Risk
You've heard plenty about security digital records -- but what about those hard copy reports you threw in the trash yesterday? In an increasingly digitized world, it's easy to forget that physical documents, files, and records can leave companies vulnerable to threats. This article details the risks and provides examples of two incidents within the healthcare and retail industries.
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chess.jpg These 4 People Can Make (or Break) Your Insider Threat Program
You already know you need to put together a task force to run an effective insider threat program. But figuring out who to include and what they should be doing is not always straightforward. This blog post offers guidance for leveraging the best resource you already have: your staff.
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F70E162F8D.jpg Darkode [PODCAST]
It was surprisingly easy for insiders to simply purchase malware and other destructive programs to wreak organizational havoc until Darkode, the largest, most sophistocated English-language criminal marketplace in the world was shuttered by the FBI in 2015. Get an behind the scenes look from the perspective of both the perpetrator and the victim on this episode of Radiolab.
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V9MJ5T4TUU.jpg 5 Things We Learned at Infosecurity Europe 2016
Every June, the best minds in the business come together to discuss the greatest threats in information security today. Here you'll find key insights gleaned from industry leaders, with tidbits about who's using the cloud, what's going on within it, and what this means for protecting your most valuable assets.
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NISPOM Conforming Change 2 requires all companies that employ cleared conractors to have an Insider Threat program in place. Our 7-question snapshot assessment is designed to provide a high-level summary of your organization's compliance with the minimum standards required by federal regulation. Get your free, customized compliance snapshot report today by clicking the image below:


Click here to find out if you are compliant with NISPOM Conforming Change 2

P.S. Ever been tempted to respond to an e-mail that you knew was spam? James Veitch did; watch his hilarious retelling here: This is what happens when you reply to spam email

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