Data Analytics

Make your data work for you (not the other way around)

When it comes to turning data into action, the first step you’ll take with Big Sky is a step back. If you want to move forward, you have to understand the big picture behind the data first.

This comprehensive approach has proven successful with our clients ranging from the largest federal agencies to the smallest small businesses; Big Sky’s custom data tools and solutions are designed to meet your specifications and help you achieve your goals.

Enhance the Customer Experience

Increase Efficiency, Effectiveness, Results, Speed

Decrease Cost, Risk, Errors

Big Sky takes a uniquely detailed approach to capturing data. Our methodology ensures that the key insights that will inform your business decisions are meaningful, unbiased, and accurate.

Once the raw data is collected and validated, our team of analysis wizards crunch the numbers and develop useful and elegant products like:

  • Data visualizations to help you and your team understand the current state 
  • Models and predictive analyses to support planning processes
  • Decision and optimization analyses to aid in decision making
  • Visual dashboards to communicate status and progress towards goals

Data Capture and Analysis

Big Sky employs both quantitative and qualitative methodologies to collect relevant data, including but not limited to:

  • The study of IT systems and management metrics that convey customer experience and/or process performance

  • Review of relevant surveys, background studies, policies, rules, regulations and procedures

  • Over the shoulder observation of processes and relevant interactions

  • In-depth Interviews with different players with roles in operations

Our experts utilize state-of-the-art mathematical techniques and statistical tools to spot trends from the data and conduct what-if analyses. We organize the large volume of data by clustering it into piles of related information that mean something to a stakeholder or process and then work closely with the client team to identify patterns and insights related to each cluster.  What is it about? What is the “so what?” 

Data Visualization

The success and sustainability of any effort relies on not just tracking metrics but tracking the right metrics. Our team develops and maintains dashboards that track key data, providing stakeholders with a snapshot of the status and performance of each project and how it contributes to organizational goals. 

Here are a few examples of how Big Sky has used data science and visualization techniques to build solutions that enable leaders to make more informed decisions:

  • Assigning and monitoring workload - Big Sky turned a complex, unfiltered report into a clean, visual Dashboard, enabling our client to see a clear picture of their case inventory. This tool saves leadership 3-5 days when deciding what inventory to focus the workforce on and helped identify inaccuracies and gaps in the current reports.

  • Making manpower budgeting decisions - Big Sky developed and implemented a security manpower data collection, aggregation and dashboarding tool to facilitate quick scenario modeling, rapid adjustments to new assumptions or information (e.g., inflation rates), and increased transparency of cost line items. The client routinely uses the model to consider the impact of policy changes on security clearance budgeting, models different courses of action with the tool, and can present transparent cost estimates to budgeting authorities.

  • Prioritizing a portfolio of initiatives - Big Sky developed and implemented a portfolio prioritization and decision-making dashboard that enabled leaders to understand each major line of effort, requirements, initiative interdependencies, and tradeoffs.

Data Governance

Establishing data governance standard operating procedures is a critical and often overlooked step for assuring the acquisition, confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information. Big Sky has proven experience designing and executing data governance models, including building data collection and lifecycle management plans.

For one Government Agency client, Big Sky conducted continuous process improvement working group meetings to collect and analyze all current state data lifecycle processes, identify missing data elements, uncover and address process breakdown root causes, and design future state processes and SOPs. Our team managed all Scrum Master duties for data lifecycle development and coached data owners for successfully implementing data lifecycle management processes, and additionally developed an Oracle database to track data collection.

Our work with this client left them with sustainable data collection and lifecycle management plans and an Oracle database; beyond these tangible "deliverables", our work ultimately resulted in increased collaboration, enhanced data confidentiality, integrity and availability, and their ability to maintain compliance with agency policies and make better operational and strategic decisions.

Start discovering how to put your data to work for you today with five actionable tips from our data analysis experts.