Digital Transformation

Automating processes is not just about operational efficiency. It's an organizational culture mindset.

We have all been subject to the horrors of working across multiple automated systems that do not integrate with each other -- and at the other end of the spectrum, laboring through manual processes that desperately need to be automated. We can help you find the sweet spot.

Big Sky brings proven expertise in implementing digital transformation improvements in classified environments. Our work results in increased operational efficiency and an enhanced experience for your customers. Big Sky's experts are available to lead and support all areas of digital transformation work, including:

  • Current state discovery
  • Design, development and implementation of intelligent automation solutions
  • Coaching and mentoring to build and sustain a culture of continuous improvement

Here are some of the powerful and measurable results our team has achieved:

  • For an IC client, our Robotics Process Automation (RPA) solution led to:
    • 100% elimination of human errors
    • Streamlining 5 days of data processing time into 1 day of automation
    • Realizing a $250,000 ROI in year-over-year savings

  • For a DoD client, Big Sky successfully implemented a bridge technology which:
    • Enabled the agency to visualize its full operational inventory
    • Automated 100,000+ work assignments to over 700 staff
    • Reduced age of overall operational inventory
    • Empowered 53 teams to stop using spreadsheets to manage inventory assignments
    • Achieved agency-wide timeliness goals required by Congress


Contact us to discuss how Big Sky can tailor a digital transformation effort to suit your unique process and goals.