The Best Security Is A Great Process:

The Executive's Guide to Running a World-Class Security Program

As a federal security executive, you are faced with the challenge of protecting your organization's assets from an ever-expanding list of threats. Gone are the days when you could secure your facility's perimeter with a fence, and a locked file cabinet inside of a locked office was sufficient protection for your valuable data.

As security continues to be a top priority for all federal agencies, departments and organizations, it is becoming more and more critical for security leaders to have a solid understanding of how their security programs operate from end-to-end. Only then is it possible to make smart, forward-looking decisions about how to invest resources in improving and optimizing your security program.

This guide is a must-read, if you:

  • Think that your security challenges could be solved with more money, manpower, and/or technology solutions

  • Have ever had to explain how your team transfers information manually from one database to another because old systems don't talk to the new systems

  • Aren't sure how to prioritize your resources to ensure that the most dangerous risks are mitigated (or if you're not sure how to determine which risks are most dangerous)

  • Don't believe it's possible to document a security process that operates differently each time

  • Want data-driven rationale to support your resource allocation decisions