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Big Sky's Insider Newsletter, February Edition

It’s February. We’re here to help you make better decisions. The internet’s “scientific community” says you make 35,000 a day. The original research is missing (sorry!) but we can all relate. A daily hailstorm of choice bombards us - even on vacation.  Pool or beach?  Pina colada or nap?

Snap decisions usually do the trick. Not much risk in picking a lunch spot (unless it’s Chipotle).  But many decisions do matter. A lot. Smart moves require strategic thinking tools.  

Last month's newsletter covered the root causes of organizational challenges. This month it’s time for a solution. Assess your options. Prioritize and make deliberate - and defensible choices.  Read on!

Project Selection: How to Pick a Winner Every Time
Choosing which projects to invest in can be a high-stakes game. A benefit-effort matrix is a simple, straightforward tool you can use to make sure it's a strategic one - closer to chess, and less like pin the tail on the donkey.

The Ethical Dilemma of Self-Driving Cars
We assume that the driverless cars of the future will minimize harm by eliminating human error, but how do we program cars to make life or death decisions, and what will we tell them to prioritize? This TedEd video illuminates this fascinating (and serious) quandry.

How to Use Protective Intel to Predict and Prevent VIP Threats
Make sure you're not wasting security resources by reacting to an enthusiastic fan with the same level of response as you would a mentally disturbed and hostile threat. Use this framework to categorize the severity of potential bad actors, based on their level of hostility and their capability to carry out harm. 

Choice Angst: The Disease of Modernity?
Your brain can only hold so much data at any given moment...then what happens? Listen to this Radiolab podcast to understand what happens to our decision-making powers when faced with too many choices. (Hint: they tend to fail)

How To Prioritize Business Security in 2016
We all know that protecting your organization's most valuable assets requires strategy and resources. This article higlights a few concrete and practical steps you can take to make security a priority this year.

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P.S. Prioritization is important for your personal life, too! Use this spreadsheet to help you make decisions like where to go on vacation.

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