Decision Analysis Solutions

For Government Entities

Today, federal agencies face increasing pressure to manage shrinking resources while simultaneously and aggressively 1) improving transparency and 2) pursuing a variety of process improvement initiatives. Not surprisingly, operational obstacles represent some of the most sophisticated, complex challenges imaginable.

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Big Sky specializes in security, suitability, and insider threat for the Federal Government. Our company is also a certified HUBZone company by the Small Business Administration, which is a rare and underutilized designation that is a top priority for DoD contracting. Big Sky’s clients include security and operations executives in the US Army, US Air Force, Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Intelligence Community, and some of the largest private companies in the world. Big Sky’s specialized security offerings, our hard-to-find HUBZone small business status, and our focus on measurable results make us an exceptional partner for every security and insider threat client.

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Specialized Security Offerings: 

1) Process Improvement: Our methodology that takes the best management science of the last 75 years (such as Lean and Six Sigma) and applies them to security compliance, quality, and effectiveness challenges

2) Insider Threat Program Development: Big Sky's experts will help you design and implement a program to protect your organizational assets from insider threats, using industry-leading best practices and ensuring compliance with policy regulations.

3) Project Management: Big Sky’s security program management approach that helps clients plan and execute complex compliance and improvement efforts

4) Data Analysis Tools: Known as SkySolve™, Big Sky’s proprietary catalogue of custom data tools and solutions designed to meet the client’s specifications.

Big Sky pilots your team through action-oriented operations consulting with powerful data visualization, goal prioritization and results realization. Click below to see how we’ve launched successful Process Improvement projects for a variety of public organizations and government entities.

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