Strategy And Operations Plan

Case Study: Global Aerospace Firm

Arming one of the world's largest R&D operations with a strategic investment and an operations road map.

The Challenge
This leading global aerospace company was facing a transformation of its corporate research and development organization, including the realignment of investment priorities and the merger of several groups. The vice president of technology for the company needed to make carefully placed investments in partnership with other business units to develop and advance specific technologies or add new technology capabilities. The client asked Big Sky to develop a three-year strategic and operational plan to address the challenge.

Our Approach

  • Conducted internal and customer interviews
  • Researched R&D management best practices
  • Planned and conducted a three-day strategy development session
  • Worked with client executives, iteratively developing the strategy and operations plans

The Results
The plans are now in place to help the client establish a clear direction and measurable goals that support the overall corporate strategy. Designed to help define the core operational processes and capabilities, they also help the organization develop and institute flexible decision-making practices – especially on how the organization selects investments for partnership with other businesses across the corporate platform.


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