How To Combat the Insider Threat Through Process Improvement

Are your most valuable organizational assets safe in the hands of the very employees who are trusted with privileged access? Many executives believe their organizations are sufficiently protected by existing IT and security measures, but insider threat is a unique challenge and reducing risk of an occurrence requires intentional and dedicated efforts.

Unfortunately, a common response to mitigating insider threat risk is to pile a new process or technical solution on top of security measures that are already in place. This results in unnecessary complexity and is not likely to address the root cause of the risk - setting the organization up for failure to mitigate risk and wasting time and money.

Through disciplined process improvement, you can streamline existing organizational elements into a single coherent process that enables your organization to prevent, detect, and remediate insider threats. 

We've written this guide to walk you through the process of establishing a robust insider threat mitigation capability within your organization with an approach that simplifies instead of complicates.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • The common thread of every insider threat attack
  • How to identify the gaps in your existing processes that magnify risk
  • The key data, stakeholders, and processes that must be considered when assessing your organization's current state
  • Multiple methods for uncovering the root causes of insider threat incidents 
  • How to prioritize process improvement efforts to optimize resources and results
  • Tactics for stress-testing your insider threat program to ensure sustainability