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Big Sky's Insider, December Edition

As 2016 draws to a close, we'd like to remind you how much your continued connection and engagement means to all of us at Big Sky. We hope you're able to take some time to unplug, connect with loved ones, and relax during the holidays!

In the meantime -- it's mid-December and we know you're racing to that finish line, so we'll get right to the point:

  • Personnel security is a process, and all processes can be controlled
  • If you manage a personnel security process, you have the power to improve it!

This month, we aim to empower and inspire you with resources that will help you take ownership of your personnel security processes and whip them into shape for the new year.

Stairs.jpg How to Make Better, Faster (Agile) Decisions About Your Security Program
You already know that relying on policy to inform action is a recipe for disaster -- policies are static and not well-suited to detect, mitigate and manage the universe of threats that continue to emerge. Here are 5 steps to enable swift, well-informed decisions to be made before it's too late.
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StockSnap_STVW21HV29.jpg Clearance Investigations Come in Predictable Waves: Are You Prepared?
Learn about seasonal ebbs and flows of security clearance investigations, as well as practical ways to ensure your office is prepared to handle the next surge.
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9.30b.15.png Horrible Security: The Analogies Project
The Analogies Project was established to help spread the message of the importance of security in the modern world, by drawing parallels between what people already know or find interesting. This collection of short parables may help you see your own security process problems in a new light. 
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blog12.png Your Impatience May Be Undermining Your Ability to Manage
As the leader of a security program, you probably feel like the target in a game of dodge ball -- requests and demands coming at you from all angles, all the time. Regardless of how much pressure you're under, the way you express feelings of impatience may be negatively affecting your team's success and ability to solve problems. 
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106448129.jpg Choose to Lead
This talk, given by Phil Beyer and, recorded live at Security BSides Austin in 2014, makes an inspiring argument for empowering security leaders. Start with why; grow yourself; lead a tribe; inspire a movement; change the world.
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P.S. If you're looking forward to curling up with a good book over the holidays, but you're not sure where to begin, NPR's interactive Book Concierge can help!

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