Insider Threat Program Development

What if your most trusted friend was your biggest enemy?

The Insider Threat includes legitimate insiders who have both the access and the intent to do you harm. They know where the most valuable information is. That’s what makes them so dangerous.

Big Sky’s experts help you develop a program to prevent, detect and remediate Insider Threats within your company. 

  • Risk Assessment. We help uncover your key strategic assets to gauge vulnerabilities and focus protective efforts where they have the most impact.
  • Current State Analysis. While many companies have the right building blocks, this is often not enough for an effective Insider Threat program. We measure the state of your current processes and identify your riskiest gaps in protection.
  • Program Design and Development. Based on the unique profile of your company’s vulnerabilities and strategic assets, we design a program that provides greater visibility into internal malicious behavior, better protective capability, and higher capacity to react to emerging threats, so you can stop them before they do lasting damage.


Contact us to discuss how Big Sky can help protect you against Insider Threats.

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