Investment Decision Analysis And Process Development

Case Study: Intelligence Agency

A space research and development organization faced challenges tracking and coordinating projects and investments. In order to make informed steps in the right direction, they needed professional decision-analysis consultation and actionable guidance on the design and execution of a baseline portfolio management process.

Big Sky provided tangible, industry-specific expertise on data collection, decision analysis, investment analysis, risk management and operational efficiency to pilot the organization through the development of a comprehensive portfolio management process.

Comprehensive Process Improvement Checkpoints:

  • Data Analysis Tools to show the meaning behind numbers and statistics
  • Development of investment criteria and weightings
  • Portfolio Optimization to build out an actionable portfolio-management process based on tangible data and prioritized goals
  • Project Management clarified with straightforward documentation, reporting and interpretation

The research and development organization implemented its new, data-driven investment strategy. Senior leaders now have much keener insight into their investment performance and are able to make more informed decisions about what to invest in, how much to invest and when to take action.



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