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Big Sky's Insider, July Edition

We'd like to propose a national holiday to celebrate the hard working folks who spend their days protecting our data and assets from harm. Outsiders may think that security leaders spend most of their time in front of a computer screen, but we know that the single most critical factor of success in this role is the ability to effectively communicate with and manage people.

Organizational security is more than just a passing trend; the viability of your company depends on it! And while CSOs and FSOs across all industries are finally getting the executive-level support they need to keep threats at bay, it can be difficult to juggle demands coming at you from all sides. This month, we've curated articles and resources you can use to elevate your leadership skills, position your security department for success, and motivate your team to be the best they can be.

ITA18FXIBL-1.jpg Use These Facts and Figures to Get the Funding You Need
Threats to your organization’s security are constantly evolving. You need to invest in training and resources in order to keep your most valuable information protected, especially from insider threat. Use these data points to build your case for funding and prove that the stakes are high and the damage could be catastrophic.
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rafting.jpg 6 Tips to Help Your Security Team Navigate Change [VIDEO]
Leading a team of security professionals is no different than leading any other organizational department -- except that in the security world, when things go wrong, they can go really wrong. These 6 leadership tips will help you guide your department through change management and operate a more effective security program.
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castle.jpg Why Are You Still Relying on a Moat for Protection?
Part of building a robust security program is using your resources where they’re needed the most. This article debunks the myth of the firewall-centric approach, and instead suggests you focus your efforts on actions instead of identity.
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negativespace1-26.jpg Revamp Your Security Awareness Program
If you’ve ever suffered from “death by Powerpoint,” you’ll appreciate these ten Do’s and Don’ts. Building a security awareness program that is both interesting and interactive will bring about a powerful cultural shift within your organization, allowing for greater effectiveness and strengthened security.
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493325747.jpg 5 Leadership Behaviors to Boost Employee Engagement
While companies like Google and Facebook are touting the merits of in-office massage chairs and extended snack breaks, it looks like there’s more to employee engagement and happiness than freebies. Use these five tips to appeal to your employees’ intellectual, career-driven side, promoting great work and increased engagement.
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