Information Security Audit

Case Study:

Helping the world's largest credit union grow more securely.

The Challenge
A large credit union was undergoing a period of significant growth. Its information security infrastructure was no longer able to support the influx of new customers and employees, not to mention the company’s many new branches. The infrastructure was too complex, couldn't scale adequately, and was incapable of addressing more stringent regulatory and audit compliance demands. Big Sky was asked to develop a cost-effective and risk-averse strategy for building future-state information security architecture that accommodated the company’s changing needs.

Our Approach

  • We developed a thorough understanding of the current environment through a combination of facilitated meetings, fact-finding discussions and documentation reviews
  • We used Portfolio Optimization to compare alternatives and settle on a future-state architecture that fit with the credit union’s overall vision and operational goals.
  • We used our Project Management services to develop and provide a high-level road map and detailed work plan to simplify the transition to implementation

The Results
The Big Sky plan helped the client conform to security policies and dramatically reduce the cost of resetting passwords for a large, high-turnover workforce. The initiative also improved resource provisioning and de-provisioning speed and heightened the accuracy and timeliness of identity information.


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