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Big Sky's Insider, March Edition

It’s springtime in D.C. and cherry blossom season is finally upon us! Thousands of visitors are flocking to the city to photograph these beautiful flowers. Unfortunately, many are also met with the realization that their long-anticipated, classic U.S. Capitol shots will also include a not-so-classic scaffolding while the dome is under restoration.

Just as historic buildings require regular attention, so do your process improvement projects. In last month’s newsletter, we covered solution identification. This month we’re focused on maintaining those solutions!

Without proper project management tactics, the time that should be spent on realizing project efforts is actually spent on reworking project efforts. Want to avoid this slip-up? Check out the resources below!

6964040155_a60a9aeeea_m-661262-edited.jpg Command and Control (For Contingencies): How To Take Your Project Management To The Next Level
Even the freakiest control freaks can't plan for all of the unexpected variables that come up during the course of managing a project. This blog covers three factors you can control to set your team up for success, no matter what.
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plated_meal.jpg Making a Meal Out Of Project Management
How was your latest dining experience? This CIO article argues that lessons in project maintenance can be found even in the most unlikely places - including a bad meal out.
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abc.jpg The ABCs of Project Failure
Before you launch that new improvement project, read this overview of common implementation pitfalls to avoid. It's easy to focus effort on the planning phases and assume that execution will be smooth sailing, but project maintenance should involve just as much (if not more!) attention.
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usetheforce.png 10 Reasons The Death Star Failed
Any project manager will tell you the Empire made more than just a few mistakes in protecting the Death Star from destruction. Wrike's clever Star Wars-themed infographic lists ten key lessons learned to prevent your Empire from collapsing.
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comms.jpg My Project Is Failing - It's Not My Fault!
Poor communication is the number one reason why projects fail. In this podcast, Peter Monkhouse of the Project Management Institute argues that if the project manager does not execute the right methods of communication as well as the right content, they may indeed be at fault for project failures.
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P.S. Preparing to take your family on a spring break trip, or just returning from one? Watch this TED Talk from Neuroscientist Daniel Levitin: How To Stay Calm When You Know You'll Be Stressed.

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