Mission Support

We Work Both In and On the Business

Big Sky has a long history of re-thinking processes to improve operational efficiency. We also jump in with on-the-ground experts to implement improvements and get the mission accomplished.

Personnel Vetting
Big Sky's team has successfully supported efforts to address increased case volume in personnel vetting resulting from Continuous Evaluation and other community-wide changes. Our highly qualified personnel go above and beyond the baseline time and volume requirements to enable faster personnel security process execution, smoother collaboration between stakeholders, consistent adjudicative quality, and reduced adjudication liability.


Ms. Soto is a vital member of our delivery team, and we appreciate her commitment to the mission. We value her willingness to give 110% on every task and to contribute to a positive work environment. Please share our appreciation for Ms. Soto's outstanding contributions, in-depth expertise, and superior mentorship. quotationmarks_02


Business Continuity and Emergency Preparedness
Our COOP subject matter experts have successfully supported Agency-level planning for mission assurance of operational and business functions, providing strategic direction in leading activities in support of team and enterprise objectives.

quotationmarksDuring the initial phases of the COVID-19 pandemic, the team stepped up to provide direction and support to the customers' leadership at all levels, from serving on the Initial Response Team to guiding the recovery and reconstitution efforts. In addition to this pandemic response support, the team continued to provide expert-level business continuity and emergency management planning to the customer -- without a break. The team delivered on-time Strategic Plans, budget builds, development schedules for major tool roll-out, standard operating procedures, customer level plans, and support to three major hurricane responses. The team's success over the last year was recognized through an invitation to support the Defense Intelligence Enterprise People Summit where the team will showcase their efforts and support planning the future of Mission Assurance. quotationmarks_02


Mission Assurance
Big Sky's Mission Assurance support enables government Program Managers to focus on strategic efforts by expertly handling day-to-day tactical activities including project management, metrics reporting, meeting coordination, help desk response, and research and analysis.

quotationmarksSince the recent addition of Chinok Johnson to the MAST Staff Officer position, we have observed Chinok systematically encourage and build the team dynamics within the MAST team. In her short time here, she has created a notable team culture within the team and truly embodies the concept of cross cutting partnerships considering the entire team operates under a different contract vehicle than her own. She embodies the idea of "one team, one fight" and is leading that mantra by example.quotationmarks_02