Process Improvement And Operational Planning

Case Study: NASA

Comprehensive strategy and operations plan takes flight at NASA.

The Challenge
NASA established a new organization, the Office of the Chief Technologist, to directly manage its Space Technology programs and to coordinate and track all technology investments across the agency. The new organization chose Big Sky to help craft a clear strategy and operations plan for its most forward-leaning component, the Advanced Capability Demonstration Division.

Our Approach

  • Used our core strategic data analysis tools and process improvement techniques to conduct a review of the current and desired future state of the organization
  • Held a series of leadership sessions to help the team craft a clear vision and strategy for the new organization, one that focused on improving core decision making around technology investments and ongoing technology programs
  • Assisted the organization in designing its core functional processes – including solicitation, selection, execution and transition of advanced technology projects

The Results
Big Sky helped NASA establish a clear vision and strategy to adapt to new budget and technology realities facing the organization. We were able to align its leadership team around that vision – establishing clear functions and organizational structures required to execute effectively.


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