NISPOM Conforming Change 2 is a new U.S. government requirement released on May 18, 2016, mandating that all cleared contractors have a functioning Insider Threat program in place that follows government minimum standards.  

On this page we have collected resources to help you understand and comply with Conforming Change 2 as you build or improve your own Insider Threat program.

Kickstarting Your Insider Threat Program Online Course

Conforming Change 2: What Is It, and How Does It Affect You? [UPDATED]
NISPOM Conforming Change 2 has finally been released - make sure you are well-informed so your organization is prepared for compliance.

Conforming Change 2: Start By Focusing on These 4 Requirements [UPDATED]
Find out the government's minimum standards for an insider threat program - you can prepare now to comply with Conforming Change 2 by starting with the minimum and building from there. 

Why Extend Government Requirements to the Private Sector? [UPDATED]
Understanding the government’s underlying philosophy on Insider Threat is key to preparing your organization to meet or exceed government standards that are forthcoming under Conforming Change 2. 

Is Your Company Ready for Change 2 Compliance (and Beyond)? [UPDATED]
Learn about some of the Conforming Change 2 requirements you may not already have in place, and consider if simply achieving compliance with the new regulation effectively protects your company from Insider Threat.

How Does Conforming Change 2 Define Insider Threat?
Key insights about the government's new definition of Insider Threat, as it was published in the NISPOM update, and analysis of what's missing from the definition.

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