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Big Sky's Insider, November Edition

We all make mistakes -- but in the world of security risk management, there are some mistakes that your team just can't afford to make. Many security execs feel that their employees naturally have enough "security common sense" to ward off potential threats, while everyday practices may show a different reality. Whether your company falls under NISPOM regulations or not, identifying and closing security loopholes is crucial. 

This month, our experts have written and curated resources to help you recognize and avoid the simple mistakes your company could be making that result in an increased insider threat risk. We hope you find these articles valuable, and please don't hesitate to reply to this email with questions or feedback so we can continue to bring you a monthly newsletter that's worth clicking through!

Tie.jpg The Top 4 Security Mistakes Executives Make (And How to Fix Them)
Security programs are notoriously difficult to evaluate for effectiveness and many executives are left wondering: are our policies and procedures actually working, or have we just been lucky enough not to experience a breach?
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HardWork.jpeg Why Your New Insider Threat Program Should Create Less Work, Not More
Learn how your insider threat program should work to decrease the number of false positives that could be flagged as insider threat risks by looking at a combination of multiple points of data, instead of individual events. 
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GumOnShoe.jpg Cybersecurity's Human Factor: Lessons From the Pentagon
It is important to learn from other’s mistakes as well as your own. Follow the U.S. military’s journey to better security and minimization of human error in this article from Harvard Business Review.
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Computer Code Office Security Mistakes That Could Cost Your Business Millions
Having all office employees aware of the correct security protocols and procedures in the office will greatly reduce both risk and false positives identified by your security program. This article lists specific low hanging fruit you can address in your security improvement efforts.
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OfficeFight.gif Nine Rules for Conflict Management at Work
Keeping employees happy can greatly reduce your company's risk of malicious insider threat. In an office setting, handling disagreements and confrontation properly can reduce the likelihood of employee disgruntlement. This infographic shows nine methods for managing conflict and confrontation in the office.
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P.S. 'Tis the season for getting cozy on the couch and losing yourself in someone else's security disasters. Here's a great list of the year's best cybersecurity related TV and films for those of you who aren't afraid to geek out in your free time!

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