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Big Sky's Insider, October Edition

Halloween is only a few days away, creepy clowns are popping up everywhere, and an extra-super moon will be shining on November 14th...but you know what's really spooky? The fact that someone could be stealing valuable information from your company right now -- and if you don't have an operational insider threat program in place to mitigate the risk, you might not know about it until it's too late.

If your company falls under NISPOM regulations, you are required to have an insider threat program plan in place no later than November 30, but even if your company is not held to these standards, establishing an insider threat program is a critical risk management effort that should not be overlooked. Writing policy is a good start, but if the processes are inefficient or too complex, your efforts to defend your company from catastrophic harm at the hands of insiders may be wasted.

This month, our experts have written and curated resources to help you successfully implement and manage your insider threat program. We hope you find these articles valuable, and please don't hesitate to reply to this email with questions or feedback so we can continue to bring you a monthly newsletter that's worth clicking through!

people_shadow.jpg HR is the Key to a Successful Insider Threat Program
What does your HR manager know that IT and Security don't? Probably a lot, when it comes to behavioral insider threat indicators. Learn how HR can come to the table and play a major role in insider threat program implementation and risk mitigation.
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likeaboss.gif Run Cross Functional Working Groups Like a BOSS
Collecting and sharing information across your organization is a capability that you must establish in order to successfully defend against insider threat. This requires buy-in and collaboration from leaders of different functional areas; it can be a rocky road, but these best practices will help.
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Defense-Play-Football.jpg What the Seattle Seahawks Can Teach You About Your IT Security Program
Is your insider threat program ready to make the best play call on game day? Bear Bryant's famous phrase, "Offense sells tickets, but defense wins championships" is as true for your security program as it is the playing field.
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decision-making-tools-for-employee-effectiveness-resized-600.jpg Building an Insider Threat Program: Five Important Categories of Tools
One of the first questions we frequently hear from folks designing insider threat programs is: what kind of tech investment will I have to make to capture and analyze all of this information? This helpful primer from the experts at Carnegie Mellon's Softare Engineering Institue covers open source, free, or low-cost technical solutions.
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stresstesting.png Tips for Stress Testing Your Insider Threat Program
You've gotten your insider threat program up and running, but how do you know if it's actually working? Worst case scenario is that the program is tested for the first time with a high stakes security situation. Use these tips to run different types of simulations and find out where the weak points are, so you can address them before a real-life test case presents itself.
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Kickstarting Your Insider Threat Program Online Course

P.S. Dreading the inevitable Thanksgiving travel snafu? If you happen to be flying through New York's JFK, you may be pleasantly surprised by the efficiency with which you get from check-in to boarding: the airport recently implemented next generation resource planning software that integrates multiple real-time data streams and shares analysis with TSA and airline stakholders, who can make rapid changes to accommodate the crowds. This system replaces a "gargantuan spreadsheet" that couldn't reflect changing circumstances. Sound familiar?

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