Process Improvement

Are your processes driving you towards your goals, or away from them?

Processes are the value engines in your organization. When they are too slow, cost too much or don’t produce the intended results, customers and stakeholders suffer. When processes become too rigid or formalized, they impede innovation and keep your people from doing what they do best.

Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer the consequences of poor decisions, depleting resources and process pollution. With Big Sky supporting your process improvement efforts, your organization will benefit from smarter decisions with bigger impact and better results.

Our methodology takes the best management science of the last 75 years (such as Lean and Six Sigma) and applies them to security compliance, quality, and effectiveness challenges.  Your data-driven process improvement effort is designed to enhance critical operations without disrupting “business as usual” or getting in the way of service delivery.

You can expect Big Sky's team of experts to:

  • Turn data into action:

    • Optimize your business processes for effectiveness and efficiency
    • Clarify and visualize your data
    • Strengthen your organization’s distinct competitive advantage
    • Prioritize your business capabilities, goals and priorities
    • Execute improvement projects at both organizational and individual levels  
  • Leverage proven methodologies:

    • Lean Six Sigma, where we bring certified master black belts, black belts and green belts to the team as coaches, advisors and team members
    • Business Process Re-Engineering
    • IT Process Improvement
    • Supply Chain Improvement

Intrigued?  Check out some of our process improvement success stories.