Organizational Strategy & Change

What could you achieve if everyone on your team moved in the same direction at the same time?

No matter what type of business you are in, you’re also in the business of people. Is your team seamlessly passing the baton to each other and celebrating together as they cross the finish line? Or are they each running in a different direction, trying to figure out where that finish line might be? Likely, you’re somewhere in the middle. Big Sky’s team of experts has seen it all across government and private industry and we know that when it comes to workforce challenges, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Big Sky begins each engagement by listening and observing. Our tested and proven VPR process guides us through understanding and clarifying the current state, identifying the desired future state, and prioritizing what needs to happen to get there. We are ready to work with you and your team in whatever way you need us, ranging from having one of our experts design and facilitate a standalone strategic planning session, all the way to bringing in a team for a complete workforce reorganization from planning through implementation.

Strategic Planning

Developing a strategic plan is a fundamental exercise for leaders aspiring to build and sustain high performance organizations.

A well-thought out strategic plan delivers:

  1. Clear mission outcomes;
  2. A business model perfectly suited to achieve those outcomes, based on what the organization is actually good at; and
  3. Optimal deployment of scarce time, human capital and money to drive the most value going forward. 
To develop the strategic plan, many organizations engage in a traditional process of analyzing the operating environment, identifying a future state position and documenting the steps to achieve it. While this traditional methodology is useful, especially for organizations operating in relatively stable and predictable environments, we believe that today’s rapidly changing mission environment requires leaders to adopt a more iterative, “plan, do, learn and adapt” approach to strategy. This adaptive approach is based on the human centered design principle of developing organizational strategies “by people, for people.”

Read more about our approach to Designing an Organizational Strategy and a case study for how we helped a Government Agency develop a prioritized strategic roadmap of actions for managing its IT workforce.

Change Management & Communications

Inviting front line staff and even customers into a participative process is fundamental to Big Sky’s approach to managing the change required to design, develop, implement and sustain a solution.  Because employees and customers know their particular needs best, they have the most relevant ideas, and thus will be more willing to identify, communicate and make the necessary behavioral changes needed to successfully implement solutions that benefit them, their teams, and the performance of the overall mission. Directly engaging people in two-way communications throughout the entire project lifecycle builds a sense of individual ownership of the required change that ultimately makes solutions tangible and “stick” in the organization.