Streamlining The Personnel Security Investigation

An Essential Process Calls For Essential Efficiency

The Personnel Security Investigation (PSI) is an incredibly essential process for the U.S. Army to ensure that each critical position is filled with an individual who possesses the highest caliber of emotional stability, suitability, trustworthiness, loyalty, character and reliability. These individuals have access to classified information and perform sensitive duties, and therefore must be thoroughly investigated.

Unfortunately, these crucial investigations are often plagued by process pollution, error and variability. Ill-advised decisions and poor planning cripple productivity levels, resources and operational flexibility – and this is not acceptable for any organization with such prestigious standing and authority.

This personnel security report highlights the specific operational inefficiencies, process cycle times, costs and waste that plagued the U.S. Army’s clearance process before working with Big Sky.

Fill out the form below to download this case study and learn how Big Sky worked with the U.S. Army to achieve a more efficient, lower-cost security clearance process through the following improvements:

  • Reduction of first phase of process from 51 days to 10 days
  • Streamlining of cycle time from 250+ days to 78 days