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Big Sky's Insider, September Edition

When you hear the word "risk," what comes to mind? If you think it has a negative connotation, you're not alone; the definition commonly contains words like "danger," "threat," and "loss." Seasoned FSOs and security newbies alike know that risk can never be 100% eliminated; but we can sure as heck try to use what we know about it to our advantage.

This month, we've rounded up the best risk management advice to help you make the smartest choices, while juggling demands from all sides.

3_Essential.jpe 3 Risk Management Tools Security Leaders Can't Afford to Ignore
Interested in implementing best practices for risk management in your organization, but not sure where to start? Check out these three tips to make sure you're on the right track.
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business-process-improvement-tips-for-corporate-banks.jpg.jpg RACI to the Top: How to Guarantee Your Team Knows Their Roles
Does your team know the difference between being accountable for a task and being responsible for it? Do they know who must give final approval before decisions are made? Avoid the awkward (and risky) shuffle that can happen in the course of daily work by using a RACI chart to make roles and responsibilities at the task level crytstal clear.
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3HM32M0YSH.jpg Leverage Risk to Grow Your Business: 4 Response Strategies
Contrary to popular belief, risk is not all doom and gloom - it can be positive too! Use these four tactics as food for thought when trying to turn a new initiative into a growth opportunity.
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j1.png Why The Risk-Averse Make Wiser Decisions [PODCAST]
The biggest risks reap the biggest rewards (or so the saying goes). So why then does the single highest-rated professor at Wharton believe that the most risk-averse entrepreneurs are also the most successful? He explains in this podcast.
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data-dashboard-dos-and-donts.jpg.jpg Don't Make These 4 Assumptions About Risk
Regardless of how well you've mitigated risk in the past, you've probably caught yourself making at least one of these assumptions before. This HBR article prompts some serious discussion about what we consider to be risky and why we may be thinking about it all wrong.
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P.S. Does preparing for failure make you more likely to encounter it? This new study suggests it might be so: read Making a Backup Plan Undermines Performance at HBR.

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