SkySolve™ Data Analysis Tools

Your Toolkit For Every Operational Challenge

Every data-driven solution starts with the right data analysis tools. Big Sky's team of experts draws on an extensive reservoir of knowledge and resources to ensure the best possible solution to turn your organization’s powerful data into tangible, success-driven action.

Your SkySolve™ Toolkit is composed of the following data analysis tools:

  • Quick-Turnaround Tools
    Your Big Sky team takes existing tools and solutions that have worked for other clients in similar situations, and then custom tailors them to fit your unique needs.

  • Customized Excel Spreadsheets
    Enhanced with user-defined commands, smart-document tools and sophisticated features, these are not your average, simple-cell spreadsheets. 

  • Reinforced Technology
    By strengthening your internal technology architecture and improving the alignment between your information systems and business operations, your Big Sky team promotes aggressive innovation and service quality.

  • Security Navigation
    Customized to drive your business goals with top-level security, these tools are applicable for both general and R&D operations.

See how Big Sky merges data analysis tools and process improvement expertise to help top-tier organizations – from the U.S. Army, NASA and a national intelligence agency, to health clinics and retail banks – achieve their goals.

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