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Big Sky's The Insider, June Edition

In this month’s Insider Edition, we examine the value of project management and the best practices for managing those projects, particularly how they relate to successfully managing and protecting electronic assets. 


Feeling Insecure?

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has you beat this week, according to this Washington Post article by Joe Davidson. OPM’s electronic asset protection policies are under scrutiny from members of Congress in light of a large-scale digital data breach that led to the theft of sensitive information concerning more than four million current and former federal employees.    

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When Mature Management Processes Go In, Efficient Projects Are the Result

Solid, stable project management operations are the foundation on which efficient, successful federal programs are built, says Jordon Sims in a column for the Federal Times. He draws examples from the Social Security Administration, Federal Aviation Administration, and the Secretary of the Interior.  

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How to Succeed in Project Management (Especially If You Are Really Trying)

The key steps to getting your projects singing better than a soprano at the Met may seem easy enough in practice, but can easily get bogged down when the realities of changing priorities and confused execution reach a crescendo. Big Sky’s Guide to Successful Project Management offers insights on how to avoid those project management missteps and hit the high notes every step of the way.  

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Earning Their (Security Process) Stripes

An army is no stronger than the sum of its people. When the U.S. Army process to conduct personnel security investigations was taking upwards of 250 days to complete it seriously subtracted from the results. Read more about how the U.S. Army made an about-face in this case study from Big Sky.   

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Getting Unstuck from the Project Rut

When managing anything from motorcycles to relationships to high-security projects, it all comes down to maintenance. Similarly, according to Big Sky’s blog, Understanding the Importance of Project Maintenance, keeping a project running smoothly is about maintaining progress, communication, and flexibility. 

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