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Big Sky's Insider Newsletter, November Edition

As the season of togetherness and never-ending goodies descends upon us, we're delivering you some resources to help you use data to make better decisions - your gut is going to be pretty busy for the next few months! 

If You're Not Tracking These 5 Metrics...
And no one has noticed yet, hurry up and get started! This article lays out the five most critical metrics that leaders must understand and monitor for a complete picture of an organization's operational health. These data points are a must-have for informed decision making.

So Fresh and So Clean (Clean)
Maybe you're already making decisions based on data- but how confident are you in the integrity of the numbers? HBR gives us a flow chart that will help you decide if you should trust your data, and some practical steps to take if the data needs a rinse, wash, or scrub.

30+ Free Tools for Data Visualization and Analysis
Every organization should be able to create simple and comprehensive data visualizations without shelling out big bucks for a team of designers. Check out this list of free tools compiled by CIO.com - it's even sortable by skill level.

Benchmark Your Org's Use of Data in Decision Making
As the possibilities for analytics improves, data plays an increasingly more significant role in decision making. To investigate this shift, The Economist Intelligence Unit surveyed 212 global executives from nineteen sectors and sixteen functional roles.

Beautiful, Smart, Friendly, Hard-Working - Maybe Data Can Have it All
Ever been overwhelmed by the data your company collects? Even after thorough analysis, key statistics can be difficult to contextualize. In his TedGlobal talk, David McCandless demonstrates how effective data visualization can uncover surprising information about our environments.


Finding Your Path To Business Process Success

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we at Big Sky are so grateful for YOU - our colleagues, clients, partners, and friends. Wishing you and your families safe travels, delicious meals, and many happy new memories.

P.S. Need help deciding on that second slice of pumpkin pie? Data to the rescue!


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