Personnel Security Process Improvement

Case Study: U.S. Army

The U.S. Army's Personnel Security Investigations (PSI) suffered excessively high process pollution, with average cycle time running over 250 days. This inefficiency not only drained productivity and resources, but it also crippled the Army's operational flexibility.

Big Sky's operations consulting team designed and executed a process improvement plan for PSI cycle time reduction and operational efficiency.

Comprehensive Process Improvement Checkpoints:

The U.S. Army effectively reduced the cycle time of Personnel Security Investigations processed through the pilot program from 250+ days to 78 days. This cycle time reduction saved millions of dollars in productivity and manpower. Big Sky's process improvement support also fueled a new Army organization to centralize and streamline security investigations worldwide.

==> Awards For Exceptional Efforts
Big Sky's team of experts was awarded the Commander's Award for Public Service. The Army's newly founded organization for worldwide security investigation won the Office of Personnel Management Guardian Award.



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