Insider Threat And Risk Management Process

Case Study: US Army and Insider Threats

The Challenge:

Following the Fort Hood shooting, where an Army psychologist attacked fellow members on the base, and the WikiLeaks incident, where an Army network user leaked classified documents, the Army needed to design and launch a strategy to deter, detect, and mitigate insider threats. The program needed to recognize the individuals with trusted access that sought to do harm to the Army’s facilities, personnel, information, and other resources. 

Big Sky employed its Sky Solve and Portfolio Optimization services to strengthen the Army’s response to insider threats by: 

  • Inventorying existing programs, practices, and initiatives which addressed the insider threat
  • Developing strategic objectives, identifying focus areas and creating a strategic framework for the insider threat program
  • Creating a database and pivot table tool for tracking funding sources and funding strategies across each of the programs and initiatives within the scope
  • Constructing various scenario analysis and courses of action
  • Developing a portfolio management methodology to be used to stack the various current and proposed initiatives

The Results:

The Army now has a strategic framework in place for reducing risk and addressing insider threats. The strategy serves as a model for other agencies, helping to identify and prioritize cost-effective practices.


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