What We Do

Big Sky enables executive leaders to make better decisions, faster.

Our unique, data-driven approach slashes risk, cost, time and mistakes and upgrades your customers’ experience.

We deliver measurable, sustainable results and build the capacity of teams and organizations to continuously improve.

"The in-depth data and outcomes of the project far exceeded
my expectations. The team even went beyond my initial concepts."
- DCSA Assistant Director

We draw on our deep subject matter expertise, innovative thought leadership, and relentless focus on results to swiftly transform key organizational data into strategic and operational improvements.


We take every client through
our proprietary
VPR methodology:


Prioritize_Icon-1  Visualize

Our team reveals the big picture by gathering, interpreting, and visualizing critical data to unleash new organizational insights.


Once we understand the full context of your problem, we use the data we’ve gathered to envision, prioritize, prototype and test solutions that align with your strategic goals, establishing key milestones and project timelines.


Finally, we develop and implement a plan of action with key milestones, identify meaningful metrics, and design and launch powerful decision analysis tools to enable you to accomplish your goals. 

Transformation can be complex – but when it comes to the quality and efficiency of your business processes, continuous adaptation and optimization is essential. Our approach goes beyond the identification of process gaps, creating a framework for continuous evolution.

"Most consultants come in with a preconceived idea of what to
do to "fix" things. I understand that Big Sky is coming in
listening and the workshops are extremely productive."
- DoDCAF Metrics Manager


What Makes Us Unique

We believe that organizational and IT modernization efforts start with the customer journey. 
By gathering on the ground stakeholder and employee insights, leaders can (1) more quickly see ongoing changes in mission needs, (2) rapidly identify, develop, pilot, test and iterate new processes and digital tools founded on real data; and, (3) identify “ground truth” organizational changes that are needed to sustain the new processes and digital tools. 


To achieve full optimization,
our consulting efforts are:

Human_Centered Quantitative End-To-End

Designed by and for people, to deliver a better experience

Grounded in
reliable data

Considering all affected stakeholders and processes

Measurable Sustainable@2x

Enabling objective assessment
of process performance

Built to enable
continuous improvement