What We Do

Big Sky specializes in process optimization to solve security, suitability, and insider threat challenges for leaders in commercial organizations and within the federal space. We draw on our deep subject matter expertise, innovative thought leadership, and relentless focus on results to swiftly transform key data on your processes into operational and strategic improvements.

We take every client through three stages of process optimization:


See the big picture by gathering, interpreting, and visualizing critical data that your organization may not have previously leveraged.


Once we understand the full context of your problem, we use the data we’ve gathered to align your projects with your long-term strategic goals, establishing key milestones and project timelines.


Finally, we document your plan, provide a project dashboard, and give you the decision-analysis tools to help you realize your goals. 

Transformation can be complex – but when it comes to the quality and efficiency of our nation’s security processes, continuous adaptation and process optimization is essential. Our approach goes beyond the identification of process gaps, creating a framework for continuous evolution.